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Volvo Group Volvo Group
The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. Our solutions to global challenges are driven by our mission to drive prosperity through transport solutions and our vision to be the most desired and successful transport solution provider in the world. Safety is part of our soul. It has been at the heart of what we do since the Volvo Group was founded and it is an equally vital part of our future. Our Safety vision is zero accidents with Volvo Group products.
Smarteye Smarteye
Smart Eye was founded to bridge the gap between man and machine and is today regarded as a global leader in the development of multi-camera head and eye tracking solutions for Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace research and manufacturing industries. We are proud of our position in the market as the gold standard for remote eye tracking, enabling complete freedom of movement within any given application environment while retaining impressive levels of gaze accuracy, field of view and robustness. Our real-time and completely non-invasive solutions are used by over several hundred clients over the world to support research projects in areas including HCI, Human Factors, Neuroscience, Psychology, and more.
Transpolis S.A.S. Transpolis S.A.S.
TRANSPOLIS S.A.S. is a privately held services company created in 2011 which brings together 18 partners (shareholders, technical, institutional). TRANSPOLIS is developing the UNIQUE SMART CITY LAB (200-acre test platform available in June 2018) at scale 1 in EUROPE for urban mobility and innovative transportation systems to innovate with a systemic approach (vehicles, energy, telecoms, road equipment, infrastructure, IoT...). TRANSPOLIS activities are divided into four divisions (vehicle and road equipment testing center, human factors and ergonomics, virtual testing and scale-one urban mobility lab) to help our clients innovate in the field of urban mobility and intelligent transportations systems.
SMI is market leader and specialist in the development of high-end Eye Tracking solutions with more than 25 years of experience BIOPAC is a company that provides hardware and software specialized in the acquisition and analysis of physiological signals for research and teaching in life sciences. CEROM imports the Biopac equipment for France.
ProtextMe ProtextMe
ProtextMe is a proven solution that can be used for high level research of monitoring drivers cellphone usage behavior while driving.This includes usage of SMS, voice calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, facetime, Snap chat and all other apps while driving and number of driver clicks on each app while driving. A management tool that reports all activity with break downs of exact reading of how many clicks, how many minutes of voice calls at what speed and what location and all this in real time. ProtextMe has developed a product in conjunction with Or Yarok which is Israel’s leading organization for increased road safety. The ProtextMe platform was developed based on actual real life research by Or Yarok which measured actual driver behavior pattern and psychology.
TEA has 32 years expertise in the development and supply of high-end measurement solutions for demanding professionals in transportation research - and more: Our unobtrusive wireless T-Sens sensors deliver a comprehensive variety of psycho-physiological metrics for the assessment of human behavior, The lightweight Dikablis Glasses eyetracker and its powerful D-Lab analysis software platform enable an unmatched level of understanding of driver behavior, in perfect sync with vehicle dynamics, The FOVIO remote eyetracker facilitates deployment in the most challenging setups for tracking head, gaze, eyelids and cognitive workload across up to 180° field-of-view.
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